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What mistakes, if any, did Aleia make?

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Try this list of young reader books like The Egg by M. Divide kids into teams and have them come up one team at a time, choose a slip and act out the memory for the group.

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Here are several writing activities and prompts you can use in the math classroom to encourage metacognition: Write a math biography — or a history of your feelings about math. Snow Days - You find yourself snowed in for a week with your family.

Overcome stage fright with a cool casual vibe and plenty of snacks.

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Fridge Fun - Write a story from the perspective of an item in your refrigerator. Why is it important to simplify fractions? Should teachers require students to do homework? Print up a growing tree. Explain how this would change the situation and the solution. Invite parents or other classes to a final-day performance! What would you say to change their minds? Fill out an end-of-year roundup. Over time, I realized that my students were explaining their mathematical steps, but not always justifying their mathematics. Prompt their memories by having them look over their work what a fun way to review! This is where I started right after having my Writing in mathematics is important! Ask your students to create a wall-worthy piece of art that reflects something they learned in science.

Put together time capsules. Analyzing Solution Strategies Given a sample solution i.

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