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Happy to oblige. Did you want to sing along? But when she started to sing many in the audience fell in love.

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Though he had his band with him, the sight of Adams with a guitar was a constant. I could sing the alphabet! His guitar playing is still amazing, and it's interesting to watch him switch among at least four guitars, depending on the song. That's OK.

Verizon amphitheater tonight

Wordcount: Published: Feb. But when she started to sing many in the audience fell in love. The crowd welcomed Townes and Pardi back to the stage for a few duets and, in a way, the Hot Country Knights had been there all along. In the beginning, she may have sent a few patrons to Google but, after the show she had put on, those searches changed from who she was to where they could buy her music. Adams' show made good use of the screen behind him and his band, which also included drummer Mickey Curry, bass player Norm Fisher and keyboardist Gary Breit, throughout the show. Did you want to sing along? Certainly, by comparison with Symphony Hall, Verizon Amphitheatre is enormous. While a lot of acts do that, it felt especially appropriate when you realize how much exposure Adams had on MTV throughout the '80s. Last week, the company also unveiled plans to add a ,square-foot amphitheater on 27 acres directly behind the complex. The stage was set, and the crowd was going wild. But would it be worth it? Was Adams still that guy? Nearby, Santikos Entertainment plans to open a new 87,square-foot family entertainment center next spring in the Cibolo Crossing Shopping Center.

But at least up in the rows of seats beyond box seats with tables, the volume on her microphone was insufficient.

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Live review: Iron Maiden, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, 6/21/