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She is not so sure. When Francie is thirteen, a sexual predator lurks in the shadows of Williamsburg. Sissy Rommely is Katie's oldest sister and one of Francie's three aunts.

Although Johnny panics and begins drinking heavily when Katie becomes pregnant with first Francie and then Neeley, Katie resolves to give her children a better life than she has known, resolving to follow her mother's insistence that they receive a good education.

Francie's eleven-year old world is described in impeccable detail.

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She heard two men criticize her father for spending his tips on getting drunk, instead of supporting his family. Francie and Neeley have to go to work the summer after eighth grade graduation, as Katie cannot support them all.

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Francie also has a close call when a rapist-murderer tries to attack her. During the summer after graduation from elementary school, Francie begins to work at a factory that produces what? Johnny is a singing waiter who occasionally works between his drinks, and Katie works as a janitress. Book I relates the events of one Saturday in Francie's life, as she and her brother collect scrap junk to sell for pennies. Johnny's death when she is fourteen hits Francie especially hard. Sissy is kind, compassionate and beautiful, and many men fall in love with her. Burning all of the pretty, flowery compositions is a symbolic loss of innocence for Francie. Katie explains love and sexuality to Francie from two somewhat clashing points of view: as a mother and as a woman. Analysis These first few paragraphs serve as an introduction to the Nolan family and to the neighborhood in which they live.

Johnny is a singing waiter who occasionally works between his drinks, and Katie works as a janitress. Although the Nolans live in a humble apartment in a run down section of town, they fill their home with warmth and love.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is the coming-of-age story of Francie Nolan, who is eleven years old when the story begins. Johnny lies about his family's address in order to enable Francie to attend a better school, presenting Francie with opportunities that might not have been available to her otherwise.

She keeps her right arm covered at all times to hide scars from a childhood accident with a tub of scalding water.

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When she arrives back home with her books, Francie sits on the fire escape and reads as she watches some of her neighbors. As a result, Francie takes summer college classes, where she meets Ben Blake, a fellow student who helps her study. Maybe she will, but she has a while to think about it. At the same time, the reader sees that Francie is becoming more aware of her identity, more aware of the kind of writer and person she wants to be. Johnny dies Christmas Day, five months before his daughter, Annie Laurie, is born. The first child of Katie and Johnny Nolan, Francie loves her neighborhood. The tree's actual species is not provided. He wants to pay for them all to go to college and wants to adopt Laurie. Although she never gets the opportunity to go to high school, a life-time of reading has provided its own education. Ben Blake is a boy Francie befriends during her first summer of college classes. Unfortunately, Katie allows Neeley to go back to school instead of Francie, since they can only afford to send one.

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