An analysis of the aspects of marketing and management in southeast asia

Developing products in response to local needs is also critical. An example of a local personality that manages to span its influence across many parts of SEA is the cartoon personalities of Upin and Ipin.

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In terms of economies of scale, it may be more effective for companies to develop global products to be launched into global markets. Differences in business environments between the domestic country and target markets are not given; rather, companies must observe changes in global environments and trends.

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Many SEA marketers found it challenging to create a regional content strategy because the region is to diverse in language, culture and development. Many companies in the US and Europe have achieved a flat world environment with no apparent borders, operating as trans-national organizations.

Google Scholar Ghemawat, P. Accordingly, even while globally active, local entities were controlled by what were mere extensions of management structures in Japan.

The multinational mission: Balancing local demands and global vision. While multinational corporations have to consider nationality-based differences in the management of local entities, their positioning on the I-R grid changes according to their international business expansion.

This is one of the most important tactical points for content marketing in SEA.

However, the US is a diverse country, originally comprising immigrants from Europe; this is different from the homogenous nature of the Japanese culture and its people. SEA comprises ten countries with different states of internet development, from the emerging internet economy of Myanmar formerly Burma to the relatively developed and sophisticated internet landscape of Singapore. On the other hand, Europe is an amalgamation of countries, each with its own language and lifestyles. Many companies in the US and Europe have achieved a flat world environment with no apparent borders, operating as trans-national organizations. Finally, we look at sales and service as critical toward understanding the needs of local customers, and as the function most essential for successful localization. A good starting point is to investigate a particular topic by examining its local language trend versus its English equivalent using Google Trends. The integration of procurement and logistics, procurement, and logistics Source: Porter 2. As a result, many companies under-invest in hyperlocal content marketing, local language content and even an in-country content team. To do well in SEA digital marketing, just remember that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all digital strategy. However, the rise of corporations from developing nations has led to the inability of Japanese corporations to compete on the standalone product model, as has been covered in Chap. However, the internet has enabled the use of economical video conferencing systems, which has significantly reduced the time and money spent on international meetings. Japanese companies typically fit this pattern. In summary, SEA presents a goldmine for digital. The world is flat: A brief history of the twenty-first century. Google Scholar Teece, D.

Clever competitors seize on this opportunity to dominate the relevant topic area. Having a single currency, economic equality among European nations has increased with the liberalization of the flow of people and goods within the region.

Journal of Management, 17, 99— Philips is headquartered in the Netherlands and has a decentralized management structure; marketing of its products are conducted by autonomous sales entities in each country.

Management Science, 32, — Country-specific marketing will also be essential, thus incurring higher costs. In doing so, companies entered the overseas markets by exporting global products to Europe and the US. Individually, each country is smaller than Japan, but Europe as a whole is a market several times the size of Japan. Content strategies should also start with researching trending and high volume keyword phrases. Overseas production leveraging wage differences takes a type I structure, with the home country playing a central role, while product development that uses local ideas takes a type R structure. Authors and Affiliations.
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