An analysis of the main characters in freak the mighty by rodman philbrick

Spivak is Kevin's doctor. People are afraid of him because he looks like his father, Kenneth "Killer" Kane, a convicted murderer. On the Fourth of July, they go to see the fireworks show and are attacked by an older boy, Tony "Blade" D.

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However, Max likes Kevin and thinks the crutches and leg braces are neat. Are these essay examples edited?

Darren and his friends play a game of chance to see who would go with Steve to the show, Darren suprisingly wins. Gram is Maxwell's grandmother. Grim and Gram dislike his dad, and are afraid of Max ending up like him. Max tries to get up and rips off the rope to which the old boiler has been attached. Despite Max's lack of knowledge and disability, he escapes by acting on Freak's orders, but the two are driven into a muddy millpond , Freak riding on Max's shoulders. Once Killer Kane is out of prison, Max learns that he is a mean and dishonest man. By Mrs. Mankind has always wished to develop superior physiological and psychological features in comparison to those of the preceding generation. The two boys sneak out to see the show at an abandoned theater. After his release from prison on parole, Kenny kidnaps Maxwell on Christmas Eve and takes him to Loretta and Iggy's apartment. He originally only feels sorry for Kevin, but eventually he sees that Kevin is still a very clever and intelligent child. He becomes very good friends with Freak, becoming very sad and depressed after his death. After this incident, Kevin starts riding on Max's shoulders regularly. The police are waiting outside, and Killer Kane is taken back to prison and has to serve his original sentence plus ten years.

In the end, Kenny is jailed. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. In addition, Killer Kane proves that he is dishonest when he has a serious talk with Maxwell, and he swears to him that he did not kill Annie, Max's mother Philbrick Max tries to get up and rips off the rope to which the old boiler has been attached.

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Like her husband, she also dislikes Kenneth and misses her daughter, Annie. He attempts to help rescue Max when he was kidnapped by his father.

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The Character Kevin in Freak the Mighty