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The film, whose flashback structure evokes Citizen Kane Orson Welles,unfolds like a chamber drama, with Liberty Valance and his gang providing the only maniacal respite from the invisible tyranny of public life, to which even Tom seems to have resigned himself.

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On the one hand, the hero appears to be Stoddard: he arrives from out of town and takes it upon himself to protect the community from the outlaw Liberty Valance. When a meeting is held to vote on statehood, Pompey sits outside on the porch.

Neither James Stewart nor John Wayne is cast against type. When Stoddard nominates him as a representative to the Convention, he refuses, saying, "I've got other plans.

the man who shot liberty valance analysis

On the other hand, Westerns depend upon means that everywhere expose this ideology, relying on plots that demand instead the creation of manhood, then its re-creation. You've got to know your job, lay your shadows in properly, get your perspective right, but in color, there it is," he said.

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But the glory and the girl go to Ransom. The newspaper editor prints the truth about Valance, and for his pains has his office trashed and is whipped nearly dead. Some have described the Western genre in general as a combination of the elegiac and the idyllic modes. When the fact becomes legend, print the legend," Ford's films show the legend. Wright, p. You helped to make it," we cannot help feeling a deep regret that it had to happen that way. It's not saying too much to note that Ransom Stoddard is elected to the U.

Self-consciousness is erroneously assumed to have come only in the s as a reaction to Hollywood classical cinema, while in reality the history of a genre suggests cyclicism rather than evolution Otherwise we would have been in Monument Valley or Brackettville and we would have had color stock.

Johnson Phot: William H. Stewart has a prejudice against Negroes, but I just wanted you all to know about it. Stewart replied, "It looks a bit Uncle Remussy to me.

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance