An argument in favor of the death penalty to deter crimes

Capital punishment 'lowers the tone' of society Civilised societies do not tolerate torture, even if it can be shown that torture may deter, or produce other good effects. Several studies indicate a strong correlation between execution and the determent of crimes, especially murder.

We are guilty of the state-sanctioned murder of innocent people, and it must end. Many methods of execution are quite obviously likely to cause enormous suffering, such as execution by lethal gas, electrocution or strangulation.

10 reasons to support the death penalty

Uniqueness of the death penalty It's argued that retribution is used in a unique way in the case of the death penalty. In addition, Baze fail to show any solid evidence that lethal injections may cause pain. Many people don't think that this is sufficient justification for taking human life, and argue that there are other ways to ensure the offenders do not re-offend, such as imprisonment for life without possibility of parole. In , the murder rate in states where the death penalty has been abolished was 4. This isn't true - if people are randomly picked up off the street and punished as scapegoats the only consequence is likely to be that the public will be frightened to go out. This is a rather flimsy argument, because every family reacts differently. The data says the opposite. Methods will vary state by state. When people are confronted with the realities of capital punishment as opposed to thinking about it in more abstract terms, they are more likely to understand and internalize its message.

Before I make my argument, I would like to provide some background information regarding the death penalty to the readers.

For example, if the country is punishing one for killing, what gives the country the right to kill?

reasons why the death penalty is bad

It should be noted as well that many studies reveal that this particularly the case if the execution has been highly publicized. Many tried to argue that the death penalty violated the eighth amendments and that capital punishment is cruel and unusual. A man named George Kendall was executed for treason.

pro death penalty arguments

These calculations are based on figures from the FBI. The measure of punishment in a given case must depend upon the atrocity of the crime, the conduct of the criminal and the defenceless and unprotected state of the victim.

benefits of the death penalty

Punishment, he thought, should be inflicted: for the sake of ratifying the feeling of hatred-call it revenge, resentment, or what you will-which the contemplation of such [offensive] conduct excites in healthily constituted minds.

The data says the opposite.

Does the death penalty deter crime

In the USA, more murders take place in states where capital punishment is allowed. In the earlier colonial days, laws regarding capital punishment varied area to area. A more difficult moral problem arises in the case of offenders who were sane at the time of their crime and trial but who develop signs of insanity before execution. In addition, many studies seem to disprove the theory that the death penalty is a good deterrence against violent crimes and murders. Those that are for the death penalty claims that the death penalty will serve as a deterrence and is the only way for retribution against murderers. Therefore, if an offender does not believe that a real risk is present, there will be no deterrence. By examining the benefits of capital punishment in deterring crime and looking at the more philosophical issues of general punishment for murder it will be demonstrated how important it is for the nation to retain capital punishment. First a reminder of the basic argument behind retribution and punishment: all guilty people deserve to be punished only guilty people deserve to be punished guilty people deserve to be punished in proportion to the severity of their crime This argument states that real justice requires people to suffer for their wrongdoing, and to suffer in a way appropriate for the crime. That debate ultimately failed, since the judges ruled in favor of the death penalty. Methods will vary state by state. Catholic Conference To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, it is not justice. Source: Death Penalty Information Center In Japan, the accused are only informed of their execution moments before it is scheduled. These flaws and omissions in a body of scientific evidence render it unreliable as a basis for law or policy that generate life-and-death decisions. When people are trying to make a decision about capital punishment, many are inclined to think that it is not fair to punish one murder with another and others tend to suggest that there is too much of a possibility of executing the wrong person. However, recent years have seen a move towards arguments based on finances, discriminatory practices, and the issue of innocence, with the method of execution gaining focus as well.
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An Argument in Favor of Capital Punishment