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Thus he firmly repudiated it. The French retook Calais after England allied with Spain.

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Devised by the French for the house of Bourbon-Parma in compensation for the impending annexation of Parma to France at a time when France still needed the goodwill of the Spanish Bourbons, it was dissolved as soon as Napoleon was ready to depose the latter. Louis seldom relied on the fortunes of war, but on intrigue and diplomacy. Bedford had died that same year. Though the settlement of —38 obliged him to renounce Parma in order to win international recognition as king of Naples-Sicily, Parma was eventually secured for his brother Philip Don Felipe under the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in —with the proviso, however, that he and his heirs should renounce it in the event that they succeeded to Naples-Sicily or to Spain. Although Francis did not receive a humanist education, he was more influenced by humanism than any previous French king. The title of duc de Bourbon passed in to Charles de Bourbon-Montpensier , who was to become famous as constable of France. Philip had left three surviving sons Louis , Philip and Charles and a daughter Isabella. The persecutions soon numbered thousands of dead and tens of thousands of homeless. The warring parties arranged long truces, during which the French king prepared for the renewal of war, while the English relaxed and took a break from fresh taxes. Thus he firmly repudiated it.

The persecutions soon numbered thousands of dead and tens of thousands of homeless. In Francis even dared to suggest to Pope Clement VII that he convene a church council in which Catholic and Protestant rulers would have an equal vote in order to settle their differences — an offer rejected by both the Pope and Charles V.

Francis himself came to view the movement as a plot against him and began to persecute its followers.

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Charles terminated his uncles' regency at the age of 21, even though he would have been entitled to it as early as the age of The couple had no children. It was a diplomatic victory for Philip II, who gave up nothing which belonged to himself. Francis patronized many great artists of his time, including Andrea del Sarto and Leonardo da Vinci ; the latter of whom was persuaded to make France his home during his last years. His mother, who had a high admiration for Italian Renaissance art , passed this interest on to her son. Although Philip V had used his position relative to his niece to take the throne in , Joan nevertheless had a strong claim as the heir-general of Philip IV, and her maternal family had initially supported her claim after the death of Louis X. In his own dominions, the Protestants were suppressed. Though England ultimately failed to win that prolonged conflict, English and British monarchs until continued to maintain, at least formally, a claim to the French throne. In a letter to his mother he wrote, "Of all things, nothing remains to me but honour and life, which is safe. Francis and Charles maintained an intense personal rivalry. Louis seldom relied on the fortunes of war, but on intrigue and diplomacy. Francis corresponded with the abbess and philosopher Claude de Bectoz , of whose letters he was so fond that he would carry them around and show them to the ladies of his court.

Like the French system, the English law of succession did not allow the succession of females, [3] but allowed the succession through the female line as exemplified by Henry II of England. The ancient, great families of the feudal nobility had largely been replaced by an equally powerful class — the princes of the royal blood.

They claimed descent from Charlemagne and had designs on the French throne.

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With his death the senior line of the House of Valois became extinct. The emperor took Milan from the French in

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Francis I of France