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These give a potential client a small view of my work and all the information they need to find more or to contact me. Bangladesh is also emerging as a post-production hub for animation.

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Wages for my services will vary between different companies and will increase with the amount of experience I gain and the strength of my reputation. I have also produced marketing materials that will show my work and that the clients can use to view my work without looking at a portfolio or showreel.

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Due to the extremely competitive climate as well as the global slow-down, some of the large studios in the US have implemented large amounts of layoffs of animators and artists. There is great demand from this segment of Bangladeshi population for an innovative medium that facilitate communication and information sharing, while at the same time, being easily accessible to the masses via the television.

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You cannot just create a Studio and think that you will be successful. Most importantly, before choosing a location for your animation studio business, ensure that you first conduct a thorough feasibility studies and market survey.

Expand services by creating a range of new services and aggressively marketing these services to current and future customer bases. I will also need marketing materials which will be business cards and photo books when needed.

As I will be working freelance for many different companies and clients this was the most logical option.

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This describes the business, what the product is and who or what the market is for its products. Bangladesh, the Philippines, Singapore and even China must realize that there is little to be gained in the animation industry in the long run by competing with each other on costs. The target clientele, though varied, can be approached in very much the manner according to their needs of Selection Value Service In addition, new entre businesses have traditionally been treated poorly and by reversing this trend, reinforced by ongoing sales training and with unbiased customer interaction through sales staff, Paradigm Animationscan further exploit the weaknesses of its top local competitors. The advantage with this market segment is that each job usually offers a higher margin than compared with the small business segment. There are many other graduates that I will be competing with for a small amount of jobs. How do you start a small animation business? Build brand recognition by promoting the Paradigm Animations brand through diverse marketing channels, such as online advertising, public relations, and trade-show participation. Government intervention in other countries to promote the industry on the global front. As your plan grows, and things begin to take shape, the perfect name may come to you, but don't let that hinder you from getting started. Our Pricing Structure Almost all films and animation studios adopts all the available pricing system as it applies to the genre or type of the job or project they are expected to execute. Lack of Government intervention to promote the industry. The experience of Jadoo works underlines the fact that it is still too ambitious for Bangladeshi companies to single-handedly enter into animation projects.

This will be anything from script writing to a storyboard artist and character designer.

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Animation Business Plan