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Journal of Chemical Education 76 4 : —8. There were some batteries on board the command module, but these were intended for only a few hours use during re-entry, after the service module was jettisoned close to Earth. In this mode, one rocket would carry a single Apollo vehicle and its crew, and the other, more fuel, which would be transferred to Apollo in Earth orbit, and then the spacecraft would head off to the Moon.

Nobody had ever planned for this situation. The first observation was the loss of electrical power.

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He tasked his deputy, Donald Puddy, to form a team to come up with a set of lifeboat procedures that would work, even with a crippled command module in the mix. Next: Part Houston. Photo: Wikipedia On April 11, it will have been forty-three years since the Apollo 13 lunar mission became one of the greatest death-defying adventures in history.

These were turned on and off via relays controlled by a junction box green.

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Members of Apollo 13 Team Reflect on 'NASA's Finest Hour'