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In a prospective study, patients who had never previously used lithium had elevated PTH and increased calcium reabsorption along with reduced excretion of calcium, unlike that commonly observed with primary hyperparathyroidism The drug can also be useful in the treatment of acute episodes, as the main augmenting strategy for antidepressants in treatment-resistant depression Crossley and Bauer, If the latter strategy is used, it should be implemented as early in treatment as possible before structural damage occurs. Less well known is the strength of the data in the prophylaxis of recurrent unipolar depressive episodes and the prevention of suicide in this population as well Abou-Saleh et al, It is unclear whether early renal symptoms, such as polyuria, are predictive of later renal damage. Generally, in clinical practice, the negative effects on cognition are commonly observed in memory, vigilance and reaction time Recently, it was found that, after the first episode of mania, lithium was superior to quetiapine in limiting white matter reduction and regulating neural connection between the ventral striatum and the cerebellum Berk et al. CNS Neurosci. Patterns of psychotropic drug prescription for U. Non-prescribed medications should also be considered as potential additive factors in evaluating side effects.

Second, the lithium-induced side effects which can make a hindrance for a more extensive application of this drug will be delineated, and their proper management described.

The maximum urinary concentrating ability did not show any improvement after drug withdrawn, remaining lower in the group of lithium users One possibility is the elevation of glucose reflects a change in pancreatic metabolism due to insulin deficiency.

If the patient is taking multiple medications, switching from a treatment with high weight gain liability such as olanzapine or quetiapine to another with less weight gain e.

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Nephrol Dial Transplant. Therefore, in clinical practice, a combination of lithium with other agents which are considered to be effective in the treatment of bipolar depression, is more likely to be administered, and despite the insufficient evidence, lithium remains important in the treatment of bipolar depression [ 65 ].

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This non-convulsive epilepsy is usually associated with a higher blood levels, although it can be seen at normal serum concentrations and at overt seizures 83 Psychiatr Clin North Am 11— Treatments for dry mouth are purely symptomatic and unrelated to the cause. Definitions of weight gain and duration of observation differ across studies, precluding any simple average of lithium-induced weight gain.

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The New News about Lithium: An Underutilized Treatment in the United States