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On one of his errands, Spaz is sent to "rip-off" steal from Ryter, a very old man who possesses the lost arts of literacy and literature. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. The trio starts by traveling through "The Pipe," a large, rustic water pipe that leads to other latches. Click here to see the rest of this review A 'normal' boy named Spaz lives alone in one of the latches outside Eden. Ryter, Spaz, and Little Face enjoy the paradise of Eden. At first, Spaz is very hostile towards Ryter, when Spaz arrives to "rip-off" steal Ryter's meager possessions. Spaz soon meets Little Face, a five-year-old orphan who only says the word "chox," because he didn't learn how to speak.

I wouldn't know because I've got this serious medical condition that means I'm allergic to electrode needles. His foster father feared the epileptic seizures to which the boy, known only as Spaz, was prone.

Bean is nearly dead by the time they reach her and there seems to be little hope. Spaz, an abandoned epileptic, lives on postapocalyptic Earth, destroyed long ago by an earthquake.

After we pass through the Barrier that separates the atmospheres, Lanaya stops the takvee and opens the hatch. Many people are homeless, many children have no families, and a great many of the Urb's inhabitants escape the bleakness of their lives with mindprobes -- addictive devices that allow users to experience the illusion of different realties.

Lanaya belongs to a group of people known as "proovs," genetically engineered, or improved, humans who live in the hidden paradise called Eden.

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Spaz and company start traveling towards the latch where Bean lives. Contrastingly, Ryter understands Spaz's situation and does his best to help him, offering no resistance.

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Bean returns home to her family, and Spaz and Ryter return to their latch where, as punishment for leaving, Ryter is brutally murdered. Spaz also meets Lanaya, a proov who charitably gives out edibles food to Spaz. Rogers from School Library Journal pointed out that there are too many distractions that pull the reader's attention away from the main theme. Spaz, an abandoned epileptic, lives on postapocalyptic Earth, destroyed long ago by an earthquake. Because of the immediate gratification offered by the mindprobes, there is no need for books or stories, until one old man full of hope shows one young man full of despair the importance of one's own story in remembering the past and imagining the future. In Eden they are welcomed by Lanya's family but not by the Masters of Eden or the citizens. The book was about a person named Spaz and he gets a message from the runner that his sister Bean is really sick and Bean wants to see Spaz before she dies so they go on and adventure and takes Lanaya and ryter to see Bean so when they find Bean Ryter says they are going to Eden to try to find the cure for Beans cancer but they don't so they turn her into a proov and then they get caught because normals aren't aloud at Eden so Lanaya tries to persuade the masters but it doesn't work so they have to go home and Ryter wants to finish his book but he dies so he tells Spaz he is the book before Ryter dies and that Billy Bizmo is Spaz's dad.

People live with conditions such as epilepsy and regularly experience the fear and disapproval of society. It is worth noting that despite the dismal world of the Urb to which Spaz returns, there is a sense of hope at the end of the book.

I figure in Eden the concrete won't be cracked and the dirt won't stink, but why would everything be painted green?

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