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Selznick of the sixties and seventies. From Gittes forward, Nicholson created the persona of a man who had seen it all and was still capable of being wickedly amused. Jake is a former cop haunted by the veiled past which climaxed in an unspecified crisis when he worked LA's Chinatown. It is this quality that makes Evelyn uniquely able to impact Jake. It's fair to say that working out why Chinatown had moved me so much did not make things feel any better. What we come to learn of her is that, in her youth, she had an incestuous affair with her father, producing a child who grew up into the young woman with whom Hollis was involved. Speculation Influence Character Symptom Evelyn initially refuses to speculate as to who or why someone would want to impersonate her and create a scandal for her husband. Jake begins his investigation by listening to testimony at a public hearing for a proposed dam and reservoir. It is the key to great power and wealth, the tool of insatiable greed and ambition. Part of what gives water this meaning for me is its involvement with the generational confusion in which Cross, Evelyn Faye Dunaway , and Katherine all have double roles. Similarly, Russ Yelburton is persuaded to betray both the public and a man he admires in order to gain greater control of the water.

Her lack of effort in dispelling these speculations ends up drawing Jake further into the mystery, casts greater doubts on her character, and makes it difficult for her to carry on with her secret plans for escape from Noah. Can a man be both a father and a mate? Roman Polanski, Chinatown, Leaming, Barbara.

Gittes confronts Evelyn at the small house where she'd been keeping the young girl.

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Here, Jack Nicholson plays Jake Gittes with sublime confidence, a breakthrough and Oscar-nominated role for the actor. The sound of the car horn reverberates through the streets; we can see it already—her dead body has fallen forward on the horn.

Perhaps he's actually a truly moral guy who can't believe what he's seeing.

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But when Hollis Mulwray is murdered, so it looks like he committed suicide, it becomes more than a land deal; it becomes a murder mystery. Gittes photographs Mulwray from a roof top when he kisses a young blonde, and the photo is published in the newspaper the next day, causing a scandal. Jake never knows if he can trust her, and just when he feels he can, she deceives him. When Cross approaches Katherine, demanding custody of her, Evelyn pushes him back, shoots him in the arm with a small pistol and starts her car. One man accuses Hollis of being paid to steal water. Mulwray somehow make the newspaper the next morning when, in all his obliviousness, he enjoys a shave at a barber shop. When Jake tries to fight back, he's knocked unconscious. The woman hiring Gittes claims to be Evelyn Mulwray, Hollis' wife.

The femme fatale, the unexpected blow to the head, the final twist, they're all to be expected in a standard case and that's easier for a year-old mind to get a handle on. Gittes uncovers information that despite a serious drought and an expensive proposal to build a new dam, the Water and Power Department is dumping fresh water into the ocean at night.

Selznick of the sixties and seventies. Cross, who has no official power but who has used his money to essentially run most of the city and the outlying area, uses the people he controls as pawns for his personal gain.

Two water department security thugs detain him; a large man named Claude Mulvihill and a short thug a cameo by Roman Polanskiwho slashes Jake's nose for being a "very nosy fella.

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