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World Book, Inc. Although the state has no vehicle assembly plant, it does have a sizable vehicle parts industry. Since , annual economic production rose 46 percent in North Carolina versus 32 percent in South Carolina. North Carolina typically ranks 3rd or 4th and South Carolina 6th or 7th among all states in the number of people moving to the state compared to those leaving. Jobs were down more than 9 percent in South Carolina but off 8 percent in North Carolina. First, with more people living in cities, mass transit usage will increase and driving individual cars will decrease. Boritt, Gabor S. The Spanish never cared to name it nor settled there; it was just proclaimed for future settlement which never happened. The fertility of the Low Country and several harbors facilitated the prosperity of the South.

Recently the really serious competition has been in economics. Although the state has no vehicle assembly plant, it does have a sizable vehicle parts industry.

To survive, states have had to scramble to develop new industries and new jobs.

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The governors of the two states often refer to the other when quoting job statistics, particularly if the numbers show the other Carolina on the losing end. People seem to prefer North Carolina to South Carolina as a destination when moving from their home states.

The eight constantly disagreed about almost everything.

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On the other hand, North Carolina did not enjoy much prosperity as the South. Carolinas include the two states of North and South Carolina.

North Carolina is the 9th most populous state while South Carolina is the 23rd most populous state.

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It will likely be decades before we can decide which state is crowned the winner of the economic race! Futurists see two possible reasons why this could happen. South Carolina: Is there an economic winner? South Carolina was admitted to the union in as the 8th state while North Carolina was admitted in as the 12th state. Traditional industries like farming and textile manufacturing no longer employ the number of workers they once did. Grant 19 Terms of Surrender Grant gave generous terms of surrender to the Confederate soldiers. One is that heavy manufacturing is very susceptible to the business cycle. The prosperity of the region was based on slave labor, devoted to the tobacco farms. There has been a rivalry ever since. The competition between the two Carolinas is apparent in many aspects of daily life. By John Misachi.
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