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Symbolism was very popular literary device during the Romantic period, where the object embodied some sort of idea. His wife named Faith symbolizes Goodman Brown's faith in his religion.

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The overall tone for the passage is more skeptical in the beginning as Brown tries to figure out his stand on the subject of his puritan faith, however, the it shifts towards a more traffic tenor at the end as he lives with the consequences of his choices from the night in the woods when he decided to walk along side with the weary old traveler It first shows how someone or something is in the beginning, an event that occurs, and how this event changes them.

Salem, the setting for the story, foreshadows the symbolism that Hawthrone creates throughout his writing To explore properly my position concerning the dynamics of "Young Goodman Brown," it is necessary to understand Freud's structural model Because these writers are trying to put forth these ideas, they need to make a convincing, relatable, and entertaining story for these ideas to come to fruition.

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I felt this quote was an important clue to Goodman Brown's personality because it shows arrogance.

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