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An invasive cancer is one where the cells have moved outside the ducts and lobules into the surrounding breast tissue. Hymens are often different from female to female. It is important to keep healthy and get checkups that can help detect anything abnormal to be able to treat any cancer as soon as possible.

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There are two fallopian pronounced: fuh-LO-pee-un tubes, each attached to a side of the uterus. The reproductive system is the system that made that all possible.

Occasionally the nipple itself changes. Both the male and the female reproductive systems, although fueled by a similar goal, have different components and structures. In some breast cancers this is due to a blockage of the drainage of fluid from the breast.

During childbearing years, approximately to eggs will develop and be released during ovulation. As well, the ovaries produce the female gamete or egg.

Once inside the tube, tiny hairs called cilia push the egg along and toward the uterus. It includes the vagina, womb uterusfallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts. There are many parts to the reproduction system one of them including the ovum.

The male gamete, or sperm, and the female gamete, the egg or ovum, meet in the female's reproductive system. The eyelashes would be considered the hairs surrounding the cell called granulate cells.

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The Reproductive System Essay