Examine and assess the claim that there is no legitimate authority internationally

Liberty, as a principle, has no application to any state of things anterior to the time when mankind have become capable of being improved by free and equal discussion. The problem with this interpretation of public reason is that the demand for a consensus on substantive reasons in circumstances of moral and religious pluralism and disagreement is that it either relies on a very restrictive characterization of reasonable persons or ends up with a very limited domain for legitimate political coercion.

Legitimacy and Political Cosmopolitanism Political cosmopolitanism is the view that national communities are not the exclusive source of political legitimacy in the global realm.

It marries a classic concept in social theory with advanced scientific methods and rich empirical data.

What makes a government legitimate

See dialectical materialism. For instance, Claude suggests that IOs fulfill an important political function of collective legitimization, while Ikenberry argues that the establishment of legitimate world orders after wars helps to reduce costs of enforcing the peace. It has become commonplace for IOs to invest in public relations, establishing offices for the branding of the organization and its policies Ecker-Ehrhardt Beetham, David, See Miller for a critical discussion of this argument. So, the legitimacy of the EU Court of Justice, for instance, must rest on an appreciation of how it performs its function as a court for the collective good — not on satisfaction with the cost—benefit implications of particular judgments. Note that the convergence needs not be actual; it can be hypothetical. Do elites and citizens in the emerging powers hold different legitimacy beliefs than their counterparts in North America and Europe, and with what implications for the future of global governance? The general thought underlying rational proceduralist conceptions is that the fairness of the democratic decision-making process is not sufficient to establish the legitimacy of its outcomes. As a result of the human suffering effects the stance of the international community against their proliferation makes their usage almost impossible.

Barnard, Frederick M. Constructivists have devoted more sustained attention to international legitimacy. Buchanan, Allen and Robert O.

Examine and assess the claim that there is no legitimate authority internationally

Christiano, Thomas, We then discuss sources of variation in legitimation processes and legitimacy beliefs, with a particular focus on the authority, procedures, and performances of IOs.

Applbaum, Arthur, Such theories view political authority as legitimate only if those governed would consent under certain ideal conditions cf.

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The Concept of an International Community Essay