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Because knowledge is not in a void, learners are provided with opportunities to make connections with different types of information and to integrate what they learned. The Meta Consent Decree requires districts to: 1. All pre-first grade classes must comply with applicable requirements of federal and state law, including a individualized assessment and appropriate provision for specific educational needs in the least restrictive environment, b the use of multiple valid and reliable criteria, and c appropriate parental participation and informed notice in the parent's primary language. Home-school communications. Language is the tool that gives shape to our understanding of the world, of concepts and emotions, of knowledge of science, mathematics, and language itself Hall, This instrumentality of language either promotes or hinders the educational development of ELLs. School district superintendents spoke of the cost imposed by the Consent Decree mandates, as well as the time and personnel necessary to comply with staff development issues. Summarize the ESOL requirements for all educators. Monitoring VI. The goal was to obtain program approval from the Florida DOE for the new degree program first at Florida Atlantic University and then to reach out to other teacher education programs throughout the State.

All written and oral communications between school personnel and parents of current 7 or former ELL are to be in the parents' primary language or other mode of communication commonly used by the parents, unless clearly not feasible.

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Identify interm-staffing and interm-services- Outlines how schools will identify and train teachers that are not ESOL certified and provide appropriate ESOL educational strategies to students served. Artecona-Pelaez September Dear Reader, This chapter may be somewhat different in style from what you might generally be accustomed to reading in a text book as it is a personal account of a project that changed the landscape of teacher education in Florida. The use of ESOL integration through content instruction is important for a successful curricular inte gration. Required also is annual reporting of the number of ELL, racial and national origin minority children eligible for and served by pre-kindergarten programs, indicating which programs they are served by. Equal access to students services e. Faculty, students, and administrators in K 12 schools encounter ESOL-related issues almost daily; thus, teaching ELLs is part of the mainstream in the educational system across the U. The Consent Decree established specific requirements for the services provided to ELLs, as well as training requirements for instructional and administrative personnel. What services are provided under the Meta Consent Decree? In addressing these rights, it provides a structure that ensures the deliv ery of comprehensible instruction and the expectations for all teachers and personnel. Other education majors, such as math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education, enroll in one course, or 60 hours of ESOL training as mandated by law.

The most important element for the success of this project was that the faculty and administration in the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University circa to embraced it and allowed this student to dream. Choose five states and fill in the chart below to show current K student enrollment and ELL population.

School districts throughout Florida provided in-service training as a result of the Consent Decree beginning in Some universities in the state provided ESOL training; however, no university fully addressed the needs of pre-service teachers when this curricular integration proj ect began.

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State Board of Education August 2 The Consent Decree is… is the State of Florida's framework for compliance with the following federal and state laws and jurisprudence regarding the education of limited English proficient LEP students.

Teacher education in ESOL is essential. The ELL student plan is a written document which identifies student name, instruction by program, including programs other than ESOL, amount of instructional time or schedule, date of ELL identification, and assessment data used to classify or reclassify as ELL, etc.

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