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Family members attend a four-month homeowner training course, where they learn such skills as how to budget and perform household repairs and maintenance, and to be a good neighbor. Include your desired objectives, major activities, and names and titles of key project staff.

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Otherwise, who you address your letter to can depend on the size of the company. In a business-to-business setting, a company's employees can write inquiries to ask the same types of questions about products and services. It's so easy to dash out an email, hit Send right away, and then discover a mistake upon rereading.

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This kind of letter is written in order to clear up a dispute. In order to support our goal of bringing families out of poverty through home ownership, our objectives are an integral part of the program. Habitat homeowners generally come into the program full of fear and mistrust from their years of experiencing disappointment, poverty, and discrimination. Knowing what to say and what not to say in the letter can be critical to your success. Include relevant demographics, a few concrete examples of the problem, and supporting statistical data. Need or problem statement. Important tips to write letter of Enquiry An enquiry letter is a formal way of requesting to get information about anything from anyone formally. The LOI may require almost as much time to develop as a full proposal. Include a brief history of your nonprofit when it was formed and for what purpose and a short description of your programs. How to write the major parts of the letter of inquiry.

List the specific information you need. Address it to the CEO or the president of a smaller employer because the person who runs the company will most likely be involved in hiring decisions.

Introduce the letter with a brief executive summary.

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An Example Hard-Copy Letter. Provide a compelling statement of need, including impact on the community you serve. A list of current and prospective donors is included with the attached program budget. Ask for an interview and let the reader know you'll follow up by phone within a certain period of time. If your organization is new, address your plans related to the targeted project. For a large company, try to locate someone on the management team that's responsible for the department in which you want to work. Once you establish the deadlines for submitting full proposals, you can decide the best time to submit a LOI after the dust has settled. Provide the budget information as a separate attachment of 2 — 3 pages.
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Formal letters: how to write an inquiry letter