Fossil fuel research paper

Studies have shown that low-income communities and communities of color in the US experience disproportionately high exposure to particulate air pollution and air pollution from coal-fired power plants [ 2 ].

fossil fuel and its future

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Fossil-Fuel Combustion is the Major Source of Global Air Pollution and CO2 Globally, the majority of air pollution is generated by the combustion of fossil fuel coal, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, and natural gas for electricity production, heating, transportation, and industry [ 14 ].

Climate change and disability-adjusted life years.

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Some of it comes from a diverse sub-level of energy sources, called renewable energy In buildings, natural gas use for heating and hot water is replaced to a significant extent by electrification and increased efficiency, while industrial use may increase, as natural gas provides a cleaner alternative to coal for high-temperature heat.

Sea-level rise due to global climate warming has made coastal storms increasingly dangerous for coastal infrastructure and inhabitants, contributing to deaths from drowning. Even still, the fact that fossil fuels are on this planet will never change, but how we use them and what impacts their use has will always be an issue Mitigation of climate change would mean fewer children suffering from heat-related disease, malnutrition, infectious disease, physical and psychological trauma, mental-health problems, and respiratory illness.

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In a prior commentary [ 2 ], I envisioned fossil fuel as the modern day version of the many-headed Hydra in Greek mythology, inflicting multiple forms of health and developmental harm in children through its emissions of toxic pollutants and carbon dioxide CO2.

Recent studies confirm the reproductive effects of air pollution, their socioeconomic and racial disparities and the large cost imposed on affected families, furthering socioeconomic inequality and increasing the risk of neurodevelopmental effects in vulnerable populations. We use natural gas to heat our stoves to cook for our families, and we use petroleum to fuel our car to get us where we need to go The burning of fossil fuels causes acid rain to shower on cities and ecosystems around the world, tormenting their inhabitants.

Fossil fuel research paper

The key to surviving for any organism is adapting to the environment, and planet Earth could use some help in that department. Fossil fuels are the main contributor to global warming, air pollution, acid rain, and oil spills Pacific Environment, Drowning is a major cause of fatality in children in developing countries. As an alternative fuel, people should commence the mass production and harvesting of algae, which can be refined into biofuels to power our everyday needs Yael Friedman T. Fossil fuels are an indispensable part of human survival Methane released by production of natural gas, oil, and coal is second in importance. Low birth weight and preterm birth will be briefly discussed in the context of child neurodevelopment. Although children in developing countries bear the brunt, the impacts of climate change are increasingly being seen in the US and Europe, especially among populations of low socioeconomic status. It is a further injustice that children in low- and middle-income countries as well as lower-income communities and communities of color in high-income countries like the US are disproportionately affected. Smith K. Oil would peak in the s and be concentrated in transport use and as feedstock for chemicals production. Although studies have not all been consistent, there is growing evidence that prenatal exposure to traffic-related air pollutants and PM2. Introduction Children, and especially the poor, bear a disproportionate burden of disease and developmental impairment from both environmental pollution and climate change due to the combustion of coal, oil, gasoline, diesel and natural gas.

In order to prevent the damages fossil fuels, innovations and inventions are constantly developing and changing within renewable resources

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Research paper: The Future of Fossil Fuels