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With regard to the Finch family, there is one member that deviates from the rest: Aunt Alexandra. There is also the Radley family who prefers to stick to themselves instead of socializing with their neighbors, and Mrs Dubose, an elderly woman, who constantly insults the Finches.

Apart from the setting of the novel, readers and critics were quick to detect other similarities between Harper Lee and the narrator, the six-year-old girl, Scout Finch whose real name is Jean Louise.

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Calpurnia tells her that it is not acceptable to treat company rudely. Scout does not really understand Boo Radley until the end of the book when he saves her brothers life. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. What would Harper Lee writing about Ferguson look like?

It will be tough for Miss Caroline to get acquainted with all families and to learn about their unique characteristics.

How does jem influence scout

Having Scout as the narrator allows Harper Lee to highlight the gender inequity through a youthful unbiased perspective. For Jeffrey B. The setting of the book is the s, because this was an important decade of change for America. Thus, they were not able to organize themselves efficiently. What myths and fears were used to justify the lynching of black men? As a result, he has got hookworms cf. Miss Caroline, though, is puzzled. Elias, Established xxii. Lee, who lived in Monroeville, Alabama, until her death, used fiction to express a deep but complicated love for the South and its traditions, ones that were rightly slipping away but that made Scout the person she is, a character readers love. It was revealed that Aunt Alexandra wanted to change the Finch children into her own image as ladies and gentlemen when she convinced Atticus to talk to them about their upbringings and gentle breeding. The only thing the two groups did not share was the length of residency in that town cf. What parts of the story must the reader piece together on his or her own? Get your price writers online The course of growing up is always influenced by the people around you, since the people in your environment are vital in shaping the person you will become.

Activities 1. Elias, Established xxii. One wonders just what Lee would have done with stories with a slightly wider aperture. The fanatically religious Radleys, thus, deviate from their neighbors because they have their own way of doing things and do not accept the way others live.

The last section will give a short conclusion. The narrator is the six-year-old Scout Finch.

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