How to write a business email to set up a meeting example

If a mutual friend or colleague put you in touch, mention his or her name in the first paragraph of the letter.

Email to arrange a meeting with client sample

Mention everything that you will be doing, so that every one of your colleagues can come in prepared. Through working in the same niche as you, my company believes that cooperation between our organizations would be beneficial for both sides. Well, it all depends on who is going to receive your request. Does [date and time of meeting] suit you? When you have a good reason to meet someone coupled with a convenient location and time, you are almost guaranteed a confirmation. Aim for success from the first try. Use these 8 effective templates to write the perfect email. Your connections can be a valuable source of industry information and may be able to provide you with job leads. The employees will appreciate your clarity and briefness. With competing demands for time, no one wants to sit and read the equivalent of a short essay. Keep what you have to say short-and-sweet, and try to make your message curiosity-piquing.

I would like to request that we schedule a formal meeting at your earliest availability to further discuss and explore ideas that are of interest for both of us.

Check the correct job title, position, and name of the person. If you want to set up a meeting, you want to be as prepared as possible when you see them.

sample letter requesting appointment business meeting

The important thing is that the meeting email should be a way for you and your recipient to have a conversation online that can then be turned into a face-to-face or phone conversation. Learn more about Priority Matrix.

schedule a meeting email template

With this meeting request email, you are both direct and cordial to the recipient. Best Regards Dear [recipient name], I was wondering whether you received my meeting request that I sent on February 3rd?

Request for meeting email sample

The best way to do it is to simply ask for the commitment without specifics. Adam Grant does a great job of explaining this concept. I look forward to discussing the project with you. When you use Priority Matrix, you become more accountable to yourself, and ensure that you are spending time where it matters most. Our meeting will cover a brief overview of our technology and resources as well as some examples of our work in this area. We have a common interest in I promise not to take too much of your time. Let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear. If a mutual friend or colleague put you in touch, mention his or her name in the first paragraph of the letter. If you could join us at [date and time of meeting], that would be splendid. Are you available on [some date and time]? Leave wide margins and use a branded blank if possible. That being said, you still want your language to be polite and professional.
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7+ Meeting Email Examples