How to write a good cover letter for a journalism job

Get your vanity search in order.

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Break up your letter into short paragraphs and don't be afraid to use bullet points or other visual aids to draw the eye to the most important points you want to make. By Glenn Halbrooks Updated April 09, Starting a conversation with the person who may be your next boss begins with writing an effective media cover letter. My strong recommendation is that you make it easy to find your best clips. How to avoid immediate rejection: Opening lines are mentioned above. As a rule, cover letters should always be a single page or less. Have you ever covered a fire? Holland: Upon review of your posting for a Journalist, I felt compelled to submit my resume for your review. Alternatively open with your most exciting or high profile story. Get your CV and covering letter copy edited and proofread by a friend, careers adviser or, if possible, someone in the industry before you send them. When I get a spare minute, I pull a few more resumes and cover letters off the pile to review, adding the most interesting candidates to a spreadsheet with notes and links to their work and social media profiles. Avoid colloquialisms, cuteness, contractions — and too much alliteration!

Wrote and edited Web content and CIO presentations. Leave them with very little doubt that they should get in contact with you.

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However, do make sure it can still be read in black and white. Open your covering letter as you would a news story: with originality and flair, and targeted right at your audience. Of course. For example, if you were applying for a local newspaper, have you got an exclusive story that you managed to wheedle out for the student newspaper?

Try not to scrawl lengthy paragraphs about your past experience; get all the key information into a couple of lines.

And as a general rule, experience will be more of a deciding factor than qualifications. For example, a TV station's big community outreach project could be a canned food drive at Christmas. Mention this in your cover letter to demonstrate that you know something about that particular media outlet.

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A position at the Post would be fantastic but your publication fits in with my personal and career goals much more effectively. My career is highlighted by consistent success in both television production, broadcast, and mass media.

Last important note: it sounds obvious — which is why everyone makes this mistake.

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Impressive Entry Level Journalism Cover Letter Template