How to write a proposal documentary

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References to other films or artworks can also be helpful in evoking what you are going for. Credibility of production team How will this work be distributed? You have to believe in your vision to make it believable to others.

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Write a hypothesis statement incorporating this wording: In life I believe that: My film will show this in action by exploring situation : The main conflict is between: Ultimately, I want the audience to feel: and to understand that: Write a concise paragraph about: 1. Biases may be positive or negative 2. Who is working on the project? In short, you need to have that distinct voice to separate you from the flock. Do you find that you review more proposals for one stage of production than another? What will we be seeing as we experience your film? We also want to have some sense of narrative engine in the film. This is typically used in the marketing of your film to put on posters, film catalogues, adverts, TV guide, etc. A synopsis is a short telling of what happens on screen, in a written form.

Allow yourself to explore them all and where, why and how you are going to approach this. How is your film different from other films on the subject?

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Never make up partners or awards etc. Apart from mistaking issue for story, the most common thing I see is filmmakers not doing their homework on what other films are out there on the subject. They tend to struggle with what a proposal should contain, or how far or long they think the whole process would take. Yes and yes. It should be clear in writing and on screen that your project is going into the depths and nuances that shorts and reportage cannot. Prior to joining the Sundance Documentary Film Program, Betsy worked for a conflict analysis nonprofit and on award-winning fiction and nonfiction films. What evidence will you show to get the audience to see those different truths On Camera Interviews 1. Scripts are often not used in documentary films—because you cannot predict what will happen when the camera is rolling. She produced this video as part of the "Shooting Poverty" film competition, but these are great lessons for anyone wanting to understand better how to write a treatment. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your insights with our students and readers! Should you reveal your ending? This is also the case with those wanting to submit to a specific investor or producer.

This document helps the filmmaker sort through the major themes and core elements of the story and is sometimes requested by large funding agencies.

Goal or intended purpose s of the film Has any media work already been produced on this subject? A proposal will usually be accompanied by a budget and a sample reel or work-inprogress edit.

What evidence will you show to get the audience to see those different truths On Camera Interviews 1.

How to write a proposal documentary

Just try to connect the narrative as to place, time, character and tie it in a compelling sequence. Who name, relationship to others in film and so on 2. The information you include in your proposal is factual and truthful. Treatments and proposals are used to: 1. What shape will it take? What key, emblematic imagery you hope to capture Main Characters Write a brief paragraph about each of your main characters. No money, no movie. What makes a documentary proposal successful? In most cases, there should be something at stake. An outline production schedule. Even in the early stages of the proposal, make sure that you show them your knack and art for storytelling. Do you have access to the subject that no one else has?

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