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Start the delivery address at least 1 inch to the right and 1 inch below the return address. Step 2 Open your word processing software and select the "envelope" option. Apply the label as straight as possible and put it where you would normally write the delivery address on the envelope. Abbreviations A list of commonly used state, street, and other abbreviations is available online. Review your addresses to make sure they are correct and print the envelope. Items you will need. Beginning her career at newspapers such as the "Marietta Daily Journal" and the "Atlanta Business Chronicle," she most recently worked in communications and management for several nonprofit organizations before purchasing a flower shop in

Return Address A return address is required on most mail. The return address includes your name and full address.

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Return Address Print or type your address in the upper left corner on the front of the envelope. Putting those addresses in the right locations on the envelope helps ensure fast and correct delivery.

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Most labels make this easy by marking the locations with "From" and "To. All of the standard size envelopes will be listed, up to the large envelope size of 8. The return address goes in the top left corner, just like it does on smaller envelopes.

Photo Credits. Portrait Orientation When you mail large envelopes with the short ends on the top and bottom, the post office prefers the delivery address to be near the top of the envelope.

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For some premium services, the post office requires you to use an official USPS mailing label with room for both addresses.

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How to Print on Large Envelopes