If i were a principal of junior college

Saul Garcia, Grade 6, Stephens If I were the principal I would change the food in the cafeteria every day and of course suggest candy. Katie Eubank, Grade 2, Keizer All-day recess every day.

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No hurting people. PT Dec. Being principal would be awesome! This is America the free country! Enter your answer at StatesmanJournal. The Department allows states to identify their own shortage areas but encourages them to follow a prescribed methodology based on unfilled positions, positions filled by professionals with irregular certifications, and positions filled by professionals certified in other areas. Casey Voltin, Grade 4, St. Please reference each state's department of education to learn more about their particular shortage areas. Rebekah Johnson, Grade 5, Kalapuya I would change what they would eat for lunch Join SJ Kids Each submission must include the student's full name, grade and school or age and city if home schooled. Image Source: firstyearprincipal. Spencer Elliot, Grade 6, Judson If I were principal, I would change the four minute passing time to six minutes, so if you have to go to the bathroom, you'd have enough time. Efforts will be made to develop them mentally, morally, physically and emotionally.

Evelyn Bond, Grade 2, Keizer Thirty minutes for kindergarteners because the other grades get 30 minutes. We would enter at 11 in the morning and get out at 1 p. Mary If I could change one thing I would change the lunch to just chocolate!

There are so many stairs!

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I would have the school between 7a. They will, thus, got training in democracy. He has to take decision quickly and create an atmosphere that will let the teachers and students grow. Nina Rasca, Grade 4, Sumpter I would allow kids to bring their phones so that they don't have to be bored during school.

Katrina Smith, Grade 2, Keizer The one thing that I would change is the rooms bigger and own bathroom and wooden walls. Play Minecraft on my iPad and eat Tic Tacs!

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No coloring allowed and no eating allowed never ever. But sadly I would have to deal with trouble making kids. What is important is that I rally my teachers and staff to make sure that they won't be disappointed. Interpretation and implementation of regulations Steps to Becoming a Principal School principals need about 5 years of experience , according to the BLS. Kendra Farnsworth, Grade 6, Judson If I was the principal, I would make a smoothie machine and a snow cone machine and have a staff lounge for me and the other staff. College Unions, Scout Clubs, Debating societies, etc. My second choice if that wasn't possible is vending machines that may or may not be healthy. Please reference each state's department of education to learn more about their particular shortage areas.
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