In my own little way

During the ancient days, one has to sacrifice his or her life in order to be considered a hero. In my little way, such gesture I hope will make this country a better place to live.

Col Ben Paguirigan Jr.

i love you in my own way meaning

The problem is the difficulty of selling my advocacies considered as weird and impractical. You are brushing your teeth, do you care to just let the faucet run its water or do you just close it and then open it again when you need it? Recently, another traffic enforcer was abducted and salvaged.

Roger Caravana, Bulacan: In my own little way, l am an honest taxpayer. Third, my pigs are fed with a natural feeding that are available around so I can prevent the consumers from eating grown artificial swine.

I care for the environment Jose Fabello Jr.

in my own way or on my own way
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English Lesson: "Sorry, I've kind of been in my own little world lately."