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For instance, you can compare problems in terms of how much they increase wealth, health, the risk of exstinction, and other important goals. You can see the rubric we use to assess the scale of different problems here. How important are value judgements about wellbeing in our advice? Moreover, even when it comes to the question of which problems are most pressing, the main disagreements are often empirical rather than about values. We explain more here. Partners In making a stronger commitment to our partners, we understand creating lifelong partners that we want here at GM, we take nothing for granted in our efforts are to earn the confidences and loyalty of our partners. We focus on increasing wellbeing, and only look to advance justice insofar as it helps with that due to the reasons above. Why did we choose this definition? This means wellbeing is a particularly important outcome to focus on. A dictionary is a collection of those alternate words and descriptive phrases, those definitions that we've agreed upon. Obviously, there isn't going to be a lot of communication going on if we can't reach some sort of agreement on the broad meaning of words. So we can help people contribute to a variety of problems, depending on their values. Justice and other values may well matter independently of their effect on people. Ordinary language is, at best, a tool that allows us to convey a very good approximation of what we mean to others.

There are a few things to say about this: We do care about advancing justice, because a more just world is one in which people will live better lives i. We listen to partners to ensure we meet all their needs, and are connecting with them on their terms.

Wellbeing, broadly defined, is something almost everyone cares about. Rather, we recommend people strive to have a social impact within the bounds of normal morality.

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Still, the word hamster means something completely different to my sister who loved her pet dearly and was devasted by its passing than it does to me who was annoyed by the racket it made, disgusted by the droppings it left everywhere, and who had to tear the ductwork apart to retrieve the thing after it made its way through the cold air return registereven if we agree on the definition of the word, and therefore the looser sense of the word meaning.

The rest of our advice remains nearly unchanged. This means wellbeing is a particularly important outcome to focus on.

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What about justice, human rights, the environment, and other values besides wellbeing? There are numerous business problems the company is facing, but I will only speak of The true impact of an action depends on what happens because of that action compared to what would have happened otherwise, not on what happens, period.

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