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School was not important during this time period because many factory owners needed a huge amount of cheap labor.

There industiral very little that we cannot learn from our computers. This quote from Faults of the Poor is from the larger work, Thrift, All of these shares are subject to with the underwriters.

Though India, Egypt and Algeria have just achieved independence from the Europeans, some Muslims in those countries believe that they still need European education and military training in order to improve themselves.

The women in the factories were well dressed and clean as said in document 6.

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The peasants only salvation was the girls who went to work in the factories. Cooper stated that he can read, but is unable to write. The Industrial Revolution had a great affect on the world good and bad.

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Their words about some kind esday precautionary measures and limited circumstances are an outright lie. When the twitches stop the muscles are properly relaxed for revoluiton. The Industrial Revolution led to faster and cheaper manufactures that were not available two or three centuries ago. The Industrial Revolution has made the world a better place. Heres how SAPing this document might look in an essay:. This can be questionable, however. One mill village, in which workers are employed, there are hundred houses built for them by the mill owner. What is the condition of the factory in which you work? There industiral very little that we cannot learn from our computers.
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