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Had he let his attorney go through with the temporary insanity plea, there is a good chance that Kaczynski would be a free man today and could potentially kill again. According to Psychology Todaythe insanity defense is defined as an individual who is being charged of a crime that can recognize that he or she committed the crime, but argues that they are not responsible for it because of their mental breakdown during the crime, by pleading "not guilty by reason of insanity.

should the insanity defense be abolished

There are …show more content… Those for the insanity defense do not see how this is fair. All criminal cases today have three ways in which a defendant can plea. Less than one percent of criminals choose to plead insanity and of those who choose to plead insanity the success is quite low at 25 percent.

All criminal cases today have three ways in which a defendant can plea. Such individuals need special treatment as opposed to prison; punishment is not likely to deter future antisocial conduct of these mentally diseased individuals. For starters, he had major issues from his adolescence days Allnutt, S.

The temporary insanity plea is almost always used in cases of extreme mutilation, murder, and other horrific crimes, yet after undergoing a physiological evaluation some of the most vile people earth are allowed to walk free.

They are against the insanity defense because they see it as a means where the defendant can avoid the consequences of his or her actions. Strong drugs 9. Guilty, not guilty, or Insanity.

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