Internal problems of azim group and

azim fashion ltd

We asked all of them about their operate the company and exactly how the managers communicated with other employees inside the company and what strategies they employed for their conversation.

If one could broach the sensitive issue of succession planning.

Internal problems of azim group and

So far as leadership in India is concerned, I think to the credit of leadership they have done an exceptional job of rising to the challenge whether it be in terms of trying to differentiate themselves, whether it be in terms of fundamentally looking at their companies, in terms of strategy, productivity, whether it be fundamentally looking at areas where they needed more tight management of costs.

Recommendations The following section contains some insightful recommendations to overcome the marketing barriers facing RMG industry.

Garment workers won a victory of sorts in after months of violent protests over pay and conditions. Rather than delivering individual levers of those solutions. It was a governance issue and the level of ethics which really rattled investors in terms of transparency. Story Azim Premji commits Rs 1. If you spread yourself too thin then your cost of marketing becomes unaffordable. Having the opportunity to work for him and with him is a sheer pleasure. In Wipro, we are doing some very good work on applying thought in schools. Ensure that financial discipline is maintained in the organization effectively and efficiently through compliance with Statutory regulations. We look for the best solution in solar, thermal, biodiesel; so we are not wedded to any one technology or a company which helps us recommend solutions impartially to customers. Why do we think that has not happened as yet? We are not doing any major investments outside of what I discussed in products. This is because there is private money to be made and there is a good public-private partnership which can be worked out. In addition, they should increase investments in diligent planning and proper project management to keep production environment calm, hire qualified fashion designers and marketers, train them on a regular basis, and maintain long-term, cogent relationships with foreign buyers by ensuring customer-specific requirements including quality issue. We work with Ram Charan, we have been doing that now for a past year and half because we value his wisdom.

Because there has to be continuity in ownership, otherwise it will be irresponsible. What have been some of your learnings from TCS that you are trying to replicate at Wipro? This is in addition to his earlier donations, which included Wipro's shares, as well as other assets owned by him.

Usually, the relatively low cost of production of RMG products enables marketers to set price for RMG products competitive.

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Once the unit price for product is determined, it is forwarded to the foreign buyers. Why complicate his life more? Two, it positions us well for certainly state government business if you focus on critical masses in some states.

These changes have undergone an important transformation with regard to workplace safety and worker rights. What will be the scope of foundation? How does it matter? To overcome these barriers, it is necessary to take concerted efforts by the government, owners of RMG factories, and marketers immediately. So the healthcare head is based in Boston, energy and utilities head is based in London. What happens to that investment? Figure 2 Shows the number of garment factories over one decade from to Any particular green technologies? From our consumer care and lighting, we understand fairly serious optimization of processes to save energy and conserve energy and we have a very strong brand in India and the Middle East.

I think most of the foundational aspects that I'm putting in place would deliver results in the medium term. Human-rights groups say there has never been a case in which a factory owner was prosecuted over the deaths of workers. Industry-leading numbers?

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