Japanese korean and chinese writing and meanings

I would then pick up another flashcard and do the same, and a third and a fourth and so on. Then I would write the meaning or pronunciation three or four columns to the right.

chinese vs japanese vs korean language

In Japanese this means lots of Chinese characters or Kanji. In some ways, Korean is the easiest of the three Asian languages to read, because the writing system is an alphabet.

What does chinese writing look like

This took place in Hong Kong, which was not a place where Mandarin Chinese was spoken, especially not in those days. Once I got into these languages, I found them fascinating and rewarding. I would then pick up another flashcard and do the same, and a third and a fourth and so on. Soon I would run into the pronunciation, or English meaning, of the first character. I learned the language entirely on my own while living in Japan. To master the tones, I found that I had to do a lot of listening in order to acquire the intonation and rhythm of the language. My learning strategy was to write these characters out on the squared exercise books that Chinese schoolchildren use. Korean has proven more difficult for me than I expected. Modern technology is a wonderful thing. I had the advantage of knowing Chinese characters, which are also used in Japanese where they are known as Kanji. Acquiring correct pronunciation is, like listening comprehension, a function of how much time we put into listening, and developing the ability to notice how words are pronounced. An initial problem for me with Japanese was that beginner texts are mostly written using Hiragana, the main Japanese phonetic alphabet.

When I study Korean at LingQI always include the Chinese character, or Hanja as they are called in Korean, in the meaning of the new Korean word that I save to my vocabulary database.

After a while you really start to enjoy the characters and how they express ideas and concepts. Trying to think of the tones in each word made me to unsure of myself when I wanted to speak. I mostly use LingQ.

chinese vs japanese vs korean writing

I would daily add back in characters previously studied. This was followed by four or five hours daily devoted to reading, listening, and learning characters. However, even today, students in South Korea are taught 1, characters.

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To what extent can learning one help you with the others? Modern technology is a wonderful thing.

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'Hanzi and Kanji: Differences in the Chinese and Japanese Character Sets Today'