Just war theory and the iraqi war

Before the outbreak of Iraq war, the US ally accused Iraq possess WMDs which prompted an instant threat to the global safety and it is extremely urgent to invade Iraq for demilitarization.

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But with those chances to do better come chances to renew the chaos and injustice. Bass mentions that the justice of post-war rule is embodied on the triumphant party, which they must bear the onus to aid the losing sides for rebuilding their society and re-establish social and political order.

If past anniversaries are any guide, as that period closes, so will end the brief moment of reflection on the causes and consequences of the war—the mistakes that led to it and the damage that followed.

Significance of iraq war

Whether peaceful or through violent conquests, these migrations constantly injected new social and cultural norms which were destabilizing but also brought about a sense of dynamism and progressive change to Iraqi society. As war will prompt an overwhelming of damage on human lives, economic loss, as well as social destruction to the parties involved, so it is unjustifiable to initiate war without any reasonable prospect of success Hudson, ; Brown, War on Terror will be given special emphasis and elaborated in subsequent paragraphs as an important landmark of the invasion of Iraq. Hensel also suggests the code of humanity. The tragedy of Iraq spurred an array of concerns from the Just War perspective, giving rise to many an interpretation of the theory, which at times were flawed. In Saddam went on trial for crimes against humanity, ironically against a backdrop in which Iraqi prisoners were abused by American soldiers. While the right intention would a more specific and the only purpose of just cause, which a military action must not achieve the just intention that it claimed, but actually or inwardly working on another purposes Fabre, ; Parry, Just War theory shall be introduced as the main theoretical framework to judge the decisions and actions taken in the invasion. In firing his national security adviser, President Donald Trump has traded H. While there will be no controversy of the latter criteria. A just cause means a country can only launch a war for justified reasons, for instance, the war that claims for maintaining peace or self-defence, which usually involved some righteous ideals Elshtain, ; Fiala, Scholars, like Copson Askari , think the implicit intrigue is the establish US political influence in Middle-East. Furthermore, the chapter will introduce the main theory used in the justification of the research that will be elaborated upon in ensuing chapters. Even it is approximately 15 year after the U. To achieve this end, St.

In Iraq, what started as a war of choice came to resemble much more a war of necessity. At a UN speech inthe Bush administration presented yet another justification for the use of force against Iraq that stated enforcement of international law and punishment for non-compliance with existing agreements and international law as a cause for the Iraq invasion.

Iraq was gravely hit by this action both because her principal means of income rested on oil production and she counted on the US to have her back.

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While it is hard to establish a prudential test for last resort, in theory it suggests the exhaustion of all reasonable options prior to launching a military intervention. It in fact served to make the situation worse.

Jus ad bellum iraq war

Therefore, for a war to be a just war, just war theorists suggest that all criteria set forth by the tradition have to be fulfilled. While a pre-emptive strike is launched in anticipation of an imminent threat, a preventive strike is launched to destroy a potential danger of an enemy even if the danger is not imminent [34]. Despite Just War thinkers trying to defend the Iraq invasion based on Just War criteria, the thesis believes that the invasion clashed with the esteemed and longstanding standards set forth by the Just War theory and considers any attempt to defend it as a misinterpretation of the concept of Just War. As Jeffrey Record points out, neo-conservative strategies included regime change in rogue states, aggressive promotion of democracy, viewing American military supremacy as a given and, most importantly, a departure from traditional US foreign policy norms, i. However, it is important to observe here that in order to justify US conduct even under one criterion, a revision of Just Cause is necessary. This is the argument of proportionality. Can this sudden sympathy towards Iraqis be a just cause for the invasion? Having failed that, US formed a coalition with willing states and invaded Iraq on 19th March despite heavy opposition from most of the UN member states.
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Iraq Invasion: A “Just War” or Just a War?