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All About Me Math Activities Foot Measurement Math Activity These simple mats incorporate measurement with non-standard units of measurement for a fun math activity during your all about me theme.

This playset had lots of little fake edibles such as fruits, ice cream and cookies. And though they are much older, 7 and 10, they both agreed they enjoyed this item and recomend it for young and older children. What will be done with my students Text marking for key vocabulary and main details as well as other reading strategies since I can't always make enough copies for my students.

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Place the heading cards at the top of chart paper or a pocket chart. Cards included were thick and coated for writing on and cleaning. Students will place matching counters onto the spots on the strips and then complete the pattern with a counter.

Lots of items to sell, good theme for a classroom for learning math, community helpers and taking turns.

My intensive reading classes will benefit from these as well by marking the text on worksheets or other material I want them to mark up. I even give them my expired coupons to play with.

These editable name writing practice activities make learning names lots of fun! Cons: The food slid off repeatedly from the middle display shelf so we had to level it out using a small box.

Learning resources write and wipe pockets menu

Check out these editable name writing practice activities that include hands-on name tracing and name building worksheets and games for preschool and kindergarten. Benefits to my students One, it would save the school money by not running many, many copies. Simply cut the pages in half and staple them together along the left side. You can also use the full body version of the mats and scraps of cloth or felt to make clothes that can be glued onto the body. I use materials I find online, through the district website, or my Scope magazines. I do not have workbooks for my regular reading class. Then put the choice labels down the side or bottom of the chart.
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Write and Wipe Reusable Pockets