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But, trying to solve it for the first time can be an exercise in frustration. Virtual pets, or something? Everyone loves a good puppy video. Darwin would be so proud. In the Curriculum Grid PDF below, you will get a quick overview of key concepts within your national curriculum. We are going to see if we can make a variation of this robot using the EV3 Home Set, so look for it in a future post.

It achieves a real humanoid feel that is not easy to build into a robot. The robot was programmed in Robot C.

lego mindstorms ev3 projects pdf

Although, it is not the most practical clock in the world, it is probably one of the more fascinating ones to watch. The building instructions are available here.

These 10 astonishing Lego Mindstorms projects will show you just what I mean. Want to engage in a complex strategy game based on ancient game design, but no one to play with? Make sure you watch the full video, the interior mechanism is impressive.

Still: Lego building Lego.

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MINDSTORMS EV3 Building instructions