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pestel analysis of malaysia airlines

To deliver distinguished service to both business and leisure travellers who value Our Mission comfort and personalised service. MAS is putting emphasis on a branded customer experience and their new premium carrier will focus on international flight destinations with high traffic rates which in turn will generate revenue at a quicker pace than before, according to their Business Turnaround Plan.

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Customers only need to bring a copy of the printed tickets that indicate details such as booking reference and purchase details. They also plan to continue offering discounts to senior citizens, members of parliament and the like. The company is planning to remove this clutter and focus on its prime business activity flying so it is planning to give sufficient amount of freedom to its ancillary business units so that even they can utilize their potential to the fullest. The efficiency of workers under the administration enhanced financial benefit. This reduces the chances of small or medium enterprises to enter this industry, and hence, the threat of new entrants for Air Asia is very low. The study recommends the strategies for sustaining continuous growth and improvement of competitive advantage of MAS. MAS has been buying planes from Boeing since the start of its operations and for this reason; supplier has the power to control the market due to limited choices for the flight operators to choose from. One of it is the e-Ticketing service. The users can now pay for their tickets by calling and booking via the call center for flights departing from Malaysia. The buyers with their high purchasing power are able to influence the terms. Wotif is also affected by these internal and external factors In the airline industry the threat of substitutes is mainly applicable for national airlines. To attract new passengers, MAS would need to adopt new concept to attract potential customers, and retain their existing customers.

But this strategy entails risks when interest rate will go up. During economic crisis inMAS endured tremendous loss.

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The market as such is what it is, mainly because other players in the market are always the same airlines for a long time and the market scenario have become a perfect one for all practical purposes.

The impact of strategies adopted by MAS airlines is discussed in the following sections.

pestle analysis of mas airlines

Moreover, customers today are more conscious about brand. MAS can compete with the other airlines through better computerized system. The airline has been developing corporate social responsibility CSR programs to address these issues.

MAS plans to focus on the individual customer needs of regional premium travelers. The company constantly invests in improving the facilities it provides to the passengers and has introduced facilities, such as in-flight meals, complimentary WiFi, entertainment facilities such as separate televisions for passengers, and seat options including flatbeds Abdullah, Chew and Hamid,

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Marketing Environment Analysis of Air Asia