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All Pervasive: Management is used by all departments of an organization and by all organizations, irrespective of size, nature and location. Scientific management theory emphasizes of improving the productivity of workers through science. Morale is considered to be integral to employee performance.

It doesn't mean that we need two separate sets of personnel, but each manager performs both the managerial as well as administrative functions.

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Creativity helps to find the best alternative choice and how to implement it. Management theories help to clarify these types of goals for managers and inform on how best to realize those goals.

Question-2 What is relationship between planning and controlling?

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Here are the steps that needs to be following in controlling function. Human beings have a tendency to change, therefore organizational change is again one of the most crucial and challenging work for the managers. For example the administration of a condominium is mostly a managerial body that is needs to convey an assembly to reach most decisions. How to Select a Management Theory? Management theories began to include more people-oriented methods. There should be standardisation of works, employees must be given standard tools etc. Fayol believed in division of labour, unity in command, unity in direction, equality, team work, authority and responsibility, centralization etc. Rather than following the traditional hierarchy of reporting and chain of command, this method gives an opportunity to the employees to interact more with different levels of hierarchy and authority. Management is a discipline and a profession. They help to solve the grievances of the workers.

But, the managers with creative minds will bring the necessary changes and implement the decisions through proper strategies and methods.

It devotes more time on planning and coordinating functions. Behavioral Management Theory focuses increasingly on human elements and viewing the workplace as a social environment.

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This method is criticized due to its complexities since double reporting is needed. A more elaborate definition given by George R. It was developed using experts from multiple scientific disciplines to solve the issues around integrating systems of people, materials and systems.

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