P2 describe the key stakeholders who

Any number of problems can arise with contractors or subcontractors: Quality of the work Cost overruns Schedule slippage Many projects depend on goods provided by outside suppliers.

How to Relate to Different Types of Stakeholders By conducting a stakeholder analysis, project managers can gather enough information on which to build strong relationships — regardless of the differences between them.

Daily may be too much; monthly is not enough. Government Project managers working in certain heavily regulated environments e. Project managers are somewhat like politicians. What is it that drives them? In some cultures, an affirmative answer to a question does not always mean yes.

stakeholder groups

Customers like to see promotions and offers that give them better value for money, they also may like to see products that provide relief to the less fortunate or products that are environmentally friendly. Without a mitigating strategy, the project would miss a critical window in the weather between monsoon seasons.

Suppliers as stakeholders

The influence of stakeholders on Tesco Stakeholders have a lot of influence on Tesco because without them Tesco would not be able to operate for example if a customer was not happy with Tesco for some reason they would not shop there and they will tell other customers to not shop there so this will mean that Tesco will lose out on customers and potential sales and by that happening they will lose out on money so this means the influence of a customer is really high because without them the business can not operate. Example: Culture Affects Communication in Mumbai A project management consultant from the United States was asked to evaluate the effectiveness of a U. The share holders own and influence the company by buying shares for a profit, the money from the share holders allows Tesco to expand, promote, and create a successful service by still returning a profit to the share holders. Project Stakeholders Top Management Top management may include the president of the company, vice-presidents, directors, division managers, the corporate operating committee, and others. Employer associations Employer associations are a group which offer assistance and advice to employers with employees to help the function better also they try to promote legislation favourable to employers so this helps Tesco because it counter balances with trade unions which help employees and make it fair for both employers and employees because they get equal advice and resources Why should Tesco consider local community and pressure groups Local community The reason Tesco needs to consider the local community is because they provide many of the staff and customers for the Tesco so they would want to have a good relationship with them due to the fact if they do they would have happy staff and happy customers. Local and national communities. Trustees often put money into the charity, hot to gain a profit for the charity. When unclear about directions, ask for clarification. These deserve special attention. First, you must identify who your stakeholders are. They seek security of employment ,promotion, opportunities and good rates of reward. This provision allowed businesses or interested parties to review the project schedule and make suggestions that would lessen the impact of the construction. All the building permitting agencies, environmental agencies, and labor and safety agencies have an interest in the project and can influence the execution plan of the project. The project team reported that the project was on schedule and within budget.

Others will support projects if there is sound evidence of their value to improving operations, boosting market share, increasing production, or meeting other company objectives. All the events that ASDA holds are shared in an in-house monthly newsletter.

types of stakeholders and their roles

With out the communiy support Oxfam would not be able to keep shops open and raise money as their would be no custom. The marketing department wanted the wind turbine placed in a highly visible location to promote the innovative approach of the college.

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Unit 1 p2 different stakeholders Essay Example