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It's not worth endangering your life for a movie. This is somewhat understandable given his background, however, one wonders if it makes for a less than fair-minded movie. Their handlers from an unidentified resistance group tell them the attack will take place the next day.

Influenced by Suha, who discovered their plan, Khaled cancels his suicide attack. However, Said manages to shake Khaled by pretending to agree.

Their cover story is that they are going to a wedding.

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However, Paradise Now does open the door for meaningful discussion of the issues surrounding the conflict. It is now up to Said to restore honor upon his family's name. Khaled returns to their handlers, who have fled by the time Said arrives. Ultimately, though, the movie is fair in its own way it presents us with an honest view from one perspective. However, Said manages to shake Khaled by pretending to agree. They blame all their problems on the oppression by the Israelis. Those difficult lives includes feeling like they are prisoners in the West Bank, Said who has only left the region once on a medical issue when he was six.

Abu-Assad illustrates the twisted logic and strategic planning that Palestinian terrorists put into each mission to kill Israelis, but at the same time depicts his characters as complete, emotional human beings.

However, since entities such as Puerto RicoHong Kong and Taiwan have been submitting entries for years although they are not sovereign states with full United Nations representation, accusations of a double standard were made.

Does this speech make the film propaganda, or does it function simply as a record of what such a man would say on such an occasion? They are not afraid of death in light of their deaths having some meaning, and in feeling like their lives are like being dead anyway.

On his video, Said articulates the Palestinian position, expressing anger that the Israelis have stolen the status of victims he believes belongs by right to his own people.

We may disagree, too, and yet watch the film with a fearsome fascination.

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