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Conversely, managers also realise that research into motivation and motivation theory is important to do away with or reduce those factors or elements that can negatively impact on the desire to work for the company or business.

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They make employees feel happy. Factors to consider - These are highly effective means of quickly reaching those with whom you are communicating. As stated earlier, demotivators tend to exist and proliferate because they have been allowed to.

Goals can create great excitement, focus attention, concentrate energy, and increase persistence. When those times happen, it is imperative to make sure that one takes full advantage of the rare time.

In addition, policy manuals should be rigorously edited to remove unnecessary rules and to clarify those that remain.

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Factors to Consider - In-house publications enable a wide range of messages and editorial techniques. If you put your job first, you are probably highly motivated and know your career will benefit from success. Before managers attempt any motivation program, they must fight and defeat the most serious demotivators. They cause workers to reduce, consciously or unconsciously, the amount of productive energy they use in their jobs. Social Interaction Despite all the difficulties of commuting and the frustrations inherent in the traditional workplace, when given a choice of working there or at home, an overwhelming majority, still choose the plant or the office. Get the right person in the right job, and make it clear that the grade goes with the job, not vice versa. The essay talks about several different theories. Also, use meeting formats that encourage everyone to participate. Management should regularly review all expectations for internal consistency. Motivating employees and understanding the psychology behind employee motivation are essential to any successful organization To achieve this, try to make your office open-plan- this will facilitate collaboration. Constant Change Change is vital for organizational success, but some organizations simply like to shake things up by changing things for the sake of change. All in all motivation is a key aspect of any manager's job. Employees don't require attention all the time, but nobody wants to be taken for granted.

The most highly motivating organizations appreciate the importance of appreciation. Tight developmental.

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They are the number one entropic force 9 cause of energy depletion in organizations Demotivators exist in every organization in one form or another, but they are not necessarily egregious wrongs. Set your own objectives to meet their organisational aims and agree these with the managers; be seen to be self-starting, self-motivating, self-disciplined and well- organised - the more the X theory manager sees you are managing yourself and producing results, the less they'll feel the need to do it for you. Once you have done so, you will have a far better idea of the best ways in which to motivate them to achieve their maximum potential. Employees don't require attention all the time, but nobody wants to be taken for granted. Help out with work problems. They know that work should be more fun than it is now. Although some of us may desire more social contact than others, there is little doubt that the desire for affiliation exists in everyone.

I always tell others that motivation is my spark. Look for evidence that your staff are satisfied in their jobs rather than anxious or frustrated.

Competence is also at the very core of self-esteem.

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The ability to drive employees with components on the job that ties into their personal desires is applied through appropriate organization implementation This management style, in fact, hinders the satisfaction of higher-level needs.

Right from Robert Owen who described human beings to be like machines that need care and maintenance to work efficiently till Drucker who described them as the knowledge workers of the 21st century with different needs and therefore on what it is required I would like to elaborate on the following articles to get a deep insight

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