Pet com case study

Invest the use of new media such social networking and blogs. chewy

Sure, that may have happened but Pets. Brainrants Brainmates Blog Pets. The site was hit with traffic as people began to place orders. Clearly, the company lavished great time and attention on promotion but, in the end, was unable to turn a profit. vs chewy

Some dollars 40 million was spent just by Internet companies during the pre-show and the game. Completely ignored the power of traditional brick and mortar business model. People only order pizzas online-Amazon. RIP Pets. Get Essay In my opinion some of the major factors that contributed to Pets. The closure of Pets. While we must not deny the growing influence of the internet, Pets. Strategic alliance with Yahoo! Association with Amazon and Animal Planet may prove very useful in attracting loyal fans. Internet and retail commerce trends shows estimated 97 million households are using internet worldwide. After all the costly marketing promotions and advertisements, overnight popularity, having the most complete online product offerings and latest technology at their disposal, still in the end Pets. The management of the company appeared so focused on several objectives that it never developed a solid business model focused on being profitable and generating sustainable returns. Strong back-end warehouse and delivery systems with already stores nationwide and outside US. Many of these are examples of products being developed with little or no understanding as to whether or not there was a market demand for it. Users of the site could browse through different categories, choose products they like and have them conveniently delivered to their home.

Marketing is all about building relationships. Teaching consumers what they can achieve through the Internet must continue to be the focus. market cap

Well established physical stores plus e-commerce business model 4. Create alliances to allow Pets. Instead, you have a stretch goal or a budget or a list of things you wish would happen. The closure of Pets. The site became something of a poster child for dot-coms launched on the back of a heavy promotional investment, making it one of the most recognized names in the Internet world. There must have been a lot of back patting and happy Friday afternoon drinks. All of which begs the question: did a disproportionate focus on promotion actually lead to the demise of Pets. But not all Internet companies with big promotional budgets are doomed to fail. The Super Bowl alone cost dollars 3 million for a single second spot PRWeek, January 24, , a price that many companies were willing to pay, including Internet companies like Monster. Not all inclusive, CEO Julie Wainright and executives focused on numerous initiatives in an attempt to stand out from the competition. They even got Amazon.

Already a successful brick and mortar business on its own right.

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Marketing case study: Just For Pets launch of Pet Health Centre