Philosophy of fear

Lars svendsen

We must feed the soul with gospel truth rather than the fears of men. And since it is invariably unfamiliarity that makes a thing more formidable than it really is, this habit of continual reflection will ensure that no form of adversity finds you a complete beginner. Emotional Responses In addition to contemporary polemics, Svendsen deals with classic philosophical issues concerning the emotions. As a little boy I was afraid of creepy, crawly spiders along with other things like stinging wasps and school bullies. In the US, the states are granted funding to combat terrorism, that is based, among other things, on the number of terrorist targets in that state. Watching granny kiss and chuck spiders helped me with my spider fear. Never getting married. A state that legitimises itself and ensures the obedience of its citizens by the use of fear is not basically creating a democracy, since the strategy of fear undermines the liberty that is the core of democracy.

Franklin D. The increase in focus on fear therefore coincides with a corresponding increase in the number of victims. I left it out of my post because it's not useful at this level of investigation, but some people might be curious.

Western wisdom about the control of our emotions goes back at least as far as the Stoics. However, he recognized one main thing keeping humans from achieving just that -- fear.

The study of fear and the other emotions is not the preserve of psychotherapists or professors of philosophy. Now that the Cold War and its ever present threat of nuclear annihilation have run their course, it seems that governments and their media mouthpieces are forever attempting to drum up new ways for the public to be kept afraid, and to increase funding for programs to seemingly combat the object to which this public fear has been directed towards.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. In this brief yet wide-ranging and insightful book, he argues convincingly that we need to replace the risk society with a culture of hope and trust. Wasp spray; pepper spray; martial arts; guns; walls; barriers; separation; preparation?

The authorities are constantly on guard when the fear of a phenomenon grows. To a great extent, 'risk' has become synonymous with 'danger'. The usual reaction to such threats is a cry for action, "This is outrageous, and something must be done!

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A Philosophy of Fear by Lars Svendsen