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The educational program The educational program must be on display and in a location at the service premises that is accessible to families Regulation Level 3 Group B Context or specialist knowledge units DEM - Understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia 40 pages Unit purpose and aim - This unit provides the underpinning knowledge required to develop therapeutic relationships with individuals with dementia based on positive interaction and communication.

Kolb learning cycle links to professional development

Reflecting 'in action' is associated with thinking whilst acting- that is 'thinking on your feet'. Stage one: Description of the event - Describe in detail the event you are reflecting on. Therefore the methods of gathering, documenting and analysing evidence to assess learning also need to be varied. It can also be helpful just to talk things through with other staff, either asking for advice or just to let off steam. Gibbs' Reflective Cycle is viewed as straightforward and provides a cyclical framework to help guide reflective practice. Have the confidence to be courageous, creative and reflective. The unit introduces the concepts of personal development and reflective practice which are fundamental to such roles, and ways to implement these. Level 3 Group M Mandatory Units HSC - Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care 20 pages Unit purpose and aim - This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. Documentation should be meaningful, purposeful, sustainable and promote positive outcomes for children and families.

Reflection is an essential skill in healthcare practice and it relates to personal and professional experiences. This unit does not confirm competence.

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Remember the purpose of reflection is to learn from an experience. Gain a new perspective. Why is Reflective practice important?

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People could live in the same country but still have a language barrier, this could be because they may be from a different region. How does Reflective Practice contribute to improving the quality of service provision? The guide must include the headings listed with an explanation of each.

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(PDF) Reflective Practice in Social Studies