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First, comparatists mitigated the rigid assumptions of the 'classical' functionalism of the 20th century rejecting its privileged status and purely functional perception of law, irrebuttable presumptions of similarity and unification of compared legal systems etc.

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A society is a system that is interconnected with one another Structuralism and Functionalism. However, the greatest challenge that goes to materialists is that of offering a plausible account of mind in a purely physical term.

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This typically consisted of a mother, father and two children. Functionalists see society as a set of parts which work together to form a whole. They do not really see humans as the unpredictable creatures they are, not possible to stray away from the predictable ideas that functionalists have of people.

On the other hand, macro level studies permit for larger scale investigations to take place. Marxism and functionalism are two examples of social theories that made a grand impact on the anthropological and sociological fields, but have since faded from the forefront.

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It also brings out the individual roles, stricter and functions that people in society have.

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