Robin hood case strategic essay

There are various literary works pertaining to the adventures and tales of Robin Hood. However, this must be a carefully planned and executed venture.

As a result, Robin Hood must be able to motivate his band of followers under motivation theory, which seeks to explain all kinds of motivated behavior in different situations, including behavior in organizations. The sheriff, of course, was the source of the major threats to the Merrymen. His new mission should be to free the people from Prince John and return King Richard to the throne. This strategic move will deem them weak and powerless against the Sheriff and Prince John. Ability and knowledge of what one is supposed to do combines with motivation in determining behavior in organizations. While carrying a noble cause most of the time Robin Hood and his merry men through. The last objective is innovation. The large number of the group has also caused a space problem. The external threats, weaknesses and opportunities the Merrymen have are formidable but proper action can be used to manage these. Robin is the head of all operations with few delegates who have their own specific duties. Robin acquires the conceptual skills required of any manager to perform proficiently according to Katz, he is looking at the bigger picture which he believes everyone will benefit from. First year, did well because they were a small organization experiencing little problems, growth was steady, revenues were consistent due to stealing from the rich, no major competitive forces were established in the industry and Robin Hood and the Merry men had the support of the stakeholders peasants and farmers because the men saw to it that the people were taken care of as well as their equal hate for the Sheriff. Therefore, this paper will analyze how and why Robin Hood would be most effective by using the path-goal leadership theory. The company will achieve this by:?

Changing Market Conditions Next, their actions must respond to changing market conditions and other external circumstances. What this means is that Robin Hood, as the leader of the Merrymen, must provide his followers with positive feedback and encouragement.

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After all, that's why he started as an out-law in the first place. He believed that the strength and manpower of any army was in its numbers and so the band is growing too large with insufficient resources to sustain it.

Robin hood case strategic essay

A shot like this has definitively never occurred, simply because Robin Hood never existed. Introduction 2. They are in direct competition with each other, and their actions have to constantly be monitored which is going to be difficult due to the their persistent efforts to capture Robin Hood and his Merrymen. The company will live up to the commitment by fighting injustice. In order to overcome their powerful enemies, Robin Hood should set up strong goals for his band which was also needed be reorganized. The plan the group first used forecasted that a perpetual state of unrest would cause the Sheriff to be removed from his osition, however the opposite happened and the sheriff used the unrest to secure reinforcements and funding for the campaign. Choices and risk management analysis 7. Although the incentive or reward may affect goal acceptance and commitment, neither is the critical element. The Merrymen need to build off the strengths it has.

In recent years, goal setting and levels of trust within the structure of any organization have emerged as a significant factor in the determination of the organization's success or failure.

What is it that they are trying to accomplish?

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These barons have offered Robin Hood the chance to help in this mission in exchange for future amnesty. Appendix A Table 1.

This popularity has also gained the group access to the resources of the surrounding towns and communities. What issues need to be addressed? Popularized later on as a hero, it is nonetheless quite important to note the original and key identity of Robin Hood and his merry men, outlaws. Strength II. His new mission should be to free the people from Prince John and return King Richard to the throne. At first the campaign was successful but over time the sheriff and his forces are growing larger and better organized causing increased direct competition. In short, Robin needs to select a new strategy and rally the Merrymen behind the cause because the current strategy is becoming timeworn at a hurried pace. Roles 3. Recommendations In order to determine the recommendations, an assessment of Robin Hood organization can be made by providing a summary of the risks within the organization that needs immediate attention. His authoritative style caused a lot confusion within the organization. The opportunities present are forming an alliance with the barons in order to bring King Richard back to Nottingham and expanding the Merryman into the forest spreading revenue base. However, all the groups need to be properly trained in combat for when the need arises. Thus, their mission must be examined in terms of strategic management.

The external threats, weaknesses and opportunities the Merrymen have are formidable but proper action can be used to manage these. Strategic planning is very critical to organizations because strategies are the basis for the development of a working business process.

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Strategic Management