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That includes things like library signage sign post , placed at entrances and exits to sections of the library and on shelves which direct or guide library users. Addegbija Ed. Ideas that are not communicated have no effect. Akanwa, P. Ifidon, S. The success of any library depends not only on having qualified personnel but also on the effective communication among the staff and patrons. You could spend too much time sharing instructions with workers by typing emails on a computer or mobile device. Reference librarians are the image makers for the library and the link between the library, library resources, and library patrons. Reitz, J.

A user can email a request via the nternet and the staff of the library will reply via the same channel. Sometimes, it's more efficient to walk around the office and communicate your expectations quickly.

Idjere who painstakingly ensured that this research work was of the highest standard.

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Constant and effective communication with users avail the library management the opportunity of evaluating the effectiveness of its resources and services. He defined GSM as an electronic gadget or technology that does not make use of wires or cables but work with radio waves and can be carried about and used anywhere provided there is network connectivity in that place.

A husband would never have a clue what his wife wants from him unless and until she effectively communicates.

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According to him, before the emergence of technologies, libraries were communicating through traditional means such as face to face communication, letter writing, notice boards, reference desks, among others. According to Etebuthe relationship that exists between library personnel and library patrons in relation to communication can be categorized into three levels namely: staff to staff communication relationship, clientele to staff communication relationship and clientele to clientele communication relationship.

Ideas that are not communicated have no effect. Ahmed, A.

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Addegbija Ed. The library needs a way to make meaning and understanding between the clientele and the staff of the library in order to achieve desired results. These resources are so essential that the continued survival of an establishment depends on them, while their absence or inadequacy can adversely affect an organization. Beebe, S. The form of communication applied to libraries often depend on the user, the message and purpose. Let us go through the following example: Parry works with a reputed firm with two members directly reporting to her. Therefore, a total of copies of questionnaire will be administered to the respondents library users of John Harris library, University of Benin. Effective communication also reduces the conflicts and results in a better understanding among individuals. There is need for cordial relationship to exist between library management, library personnel and patrons. New York: Hodder and Stoughton. Israel Odede, Mr. John is then transferred to Marketing and is much better suited at the position. And yet the art of communication at work is somewhat of a mystery to certain people. This implies that majority of the patrons are in level. It was recommended that adequate communication facilities should be provided and made available to enhance effective communication between staff and users.

Realistic plans and policies require adequate and relevant information.

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The Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace