Rubric for writing an informational speech

How to behave with kids when they are learning to speak? How to procrastinate like a professional — ten top tips Social Networking What are the plants that grows healthy even indoors What is the process of chocolate preparation?

Vocal Fillers Speech is delivered fluently; no distracting vocal fillers Advanced Only a few vocal fillers that do not distract from the fluency of the message.

Transitions Complete transitions between main points create effective flow. A visual aid, outline and bibliography are required for this speech. Main points are strongly supported with convincing evidence from at least three sources.

The topic choice and discussion provided by the speaker will be interesting and reflect an understanding of the audience being spoken to. Conclusion may be poorly worded. No support for the main points is presented. A "C" pts speech will contain three distinct parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

informative speech topics

The best sales tactics. The speaker has severe and unacceptable verbal and nonverbal delivery problems.

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iRubric: Informative Speech Rubric