Should teenagers be given freedom in taking career decisions

But one Bay Area therapist advises parents that, overall, that IS the right thing to do to teach responsibility.

Similar to how parents may inquire about their day in school, they need to ask what apps their teens are using and invite conversations about them. Parents are responsible for instilling values in their children about what is right and what is wrong.

But for older teens, those who are between 16 and 18 years old, parents should begin stepping back, letting their children make mistakes. Little League?

teenage freedom essay

For even more helpful resources on screen time and family, click here. The parents should guide the child and teach them the weightage of the various options available to them. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by GoodTherapy. Read More. So as for conclusion I can say that with the help and guidance of parents a child can choose his career and be a successful person in future life RE: Who should choose the career of a child — parents or children?

Argumentative essay on teenagers should be given more freedom

Part of your teenager becoming an adult is allowing them to make choices and to learn from those choices. Use the mistakes others make online as teachable moments. Teens who are not exposed to the ills of the world, don't learn anything in life. Teenagers tell me, "If they want me to be responsible, how can I be responsible if they do not give me a chance? Explain what you expect and what you are willing to do or not to do. Try a Real World Approach The terrain is understandably challenging to navigate. Not everyone is going to always accept or approve of your choices. A child may have interest in something and without looking at the long term impacts may try to enter into a curriculum that further do not prove to be fruitful. As child are less experienced and immature they wil need the parents help in taking the right decusion regarding their life time career. Also with the advancement in technology, many parents have software installed on their teenagers' cell phones so they can read their teenagers' emails or texts. This would give them confidence to fight their own way to success and they would eventually learn to survive in this highly competitive world. So parents should let their children free to decide their own career line and should support them in their selected line as career. Who pays for prom?

When parents place a certain level of trust in their teen, the teen will be more likely to respect the parents as well as their rules.

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Should teenagers be given more freedom?