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It is in the context of persisting endemic racism in the modern world that the history of the slave trade has an enduring relevance. In addition to the poor conditions on board these ships, including a lack of food, crowded spaces, and unsanitary conditions, slave ships could fall victim to slave resistance, privateering, or natural disasters.

Jan in Africa had already died.

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A depiction of slavery on the Royal Golden Coach. Thirdly, there was no alternative for the men who made their living out of it, so they just kept on going until someone else forbade them to do it. Back to 2 Several historians of slavery and abolition have noted the difference between the remarkably free and mobile labour force in the Dutch Republic and the absence of such a labour force in most of the Dutch colonies overseas. Opposition to the slave trade seems to have been little more than a minor part of the more general condemnation of Spanish cruelty embodied in the Black Legend rather than having strong moral or religious roots in contemporary Dutch culture. Pyle chose to illustrate the auction without relying on evidence from primary sources. There are however different legal consequences connected with these different ways of apologizing. In brief, the economic problems of modern Africa have nothing to do with the slave trade, however morally repugnant it may have been. However, this mistake leaves my argument that a reduction in the population density did not bring slavery back to Europe unaffected. One problem he considers is the relative reproductive failure of slaves in the Dutch West Indies and Surinam, which meant that a constant supply of slaves was required to satisfy the needs of the plantation economy. This particular battle against complacency has surely been won.

There was no official apology as some of the descendants would have liked to have seen, but there is actually no real difference between an official apology and expression of deep remorse from a semantic point of view. In addition, the author points at important differences between the nature and contexts of slavery, as in the VOC domains slavery was mostly of an urban and domestic character, contrary to its production base in the Americas.

He posits that the Dutch developed racism because they started trading in slaves, and suggests that the Dutch remained free of racism at home and strictly limited their racism to the overseas world.

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The prices settlers paid for enslaved Africans depended on their age, health, and sex. The Occupation is a case in point. In May of , for example, the Company sold thirty enslaved Africans at a public auction in New Amsterdam. There is, however, another way of understanding the situation. The question is, however, whether having a declining economy during the first half of the nineteenth century, as the Dutch did, constituted sufficient reason to keep quiet about the inhumanity of the slave trade and slavery. However, the Dutch did lag behind when the English, in the late-eighteenth century, began to improve conditions on their slave ships by better ventilation of the slave holds. When the conquest of part of Brazil opened up new economic opportunities such moral scruples rapidly faded. Another point the reviewer made concerns the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of the slaves. From , Elmina became the preferred spot to trade slaves. He sided with the wrong party, however, leading to a conflict with Director-General Jan Pranger and to his exile to the island of Appa in Enslaved Africans who had been captured from Portuguese ships by Dutch or French privateers often came from Central Africa, which further solidified the West Central African majority in New Netherland. Are there no similarly sensitive areas in the history of Great Britain?

That was mainly because their area of distribution for slaves in the New World was larger and because they took better care of them. It is remarkable how much interesting material and controversial argument he has managed to pack into such a limited space.

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