Summer internship report on logistic management

Summer internship report on logistic management

The logo of Banglalink resembles the Royal Bengal Tiger; the symbol of nations pride. The objective of this is, the current regulatory environment demands that companies understand who is conducting business on their behalf and who their Business Partners are.

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To do these activities, one department is serving the bank and its branches from the shadow. Risk Management Department Logistic meet up this criteria.

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The Unions, on the other hand, coordinate collection logistics and support services to the member-farmers. Share department The 68 generally, higher price level in big cities is evidence for this. Imran Talukder ID No: 3 Acknowledgement First of all, I would like to thank the Almighty for giving me the strength, and the aptitude to complete this Internship report within the time. Tasnuv Jahan. They can bargain with the vendor and negotiate to reduce the price further. As Banglalink give emphasis on the quality of job so that technical factors carry the same importance just as financial factor. This department made the bank in the past and now it is serving the bank. In the tender committee there must present a representative from the department from which the requisition comes. Accordingly I explained the difficult terms in the mail body and got the positive result immediately. As a result, Supply Chain Management can dramatically have an impact on the profitability of a company through reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction and so loyalty and revenue. After gathering the pool of vendors sourcing moves towards vendor enlistment. Some of them said they want to leave or transfer to another department if they get the opportunity. The three main functions of sourcing are 1 Find out the pool of right vendors at the right time for placing before the procurement team as per the requirements of user departments.

Every employee has a unique organizational e-mail address which they use to communicate with each other inside and outside of the Banglalink. Branches Control Department Production logistics aims to ensure that each machine and workstation receives the right product in the right quantity and quality at the right time.

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An effective supply chain involves with many things which needs to work simultaneously and systematically in order to make the whole supply chain system useful for the continuous growth and development of the organization.

AMUL and other cooperative Unions adopted a number of strategies to develop the supply of milk and assure steady growth.

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Project Report on SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT by Sanjay Gupta